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The University Club

Jacobs University Club
The University Club, adjacent to the University Guesthouse operates within the heart of the campus and maintains a contemporary venue that is both an Art Gallery, for showcasing exciting and innovative art and sculptures, and also the Senior Common Rooms exclusively for its members to relax and meet in at any time.
The venue is often used and events are hosted by members throughout the year. Recent events have included luncheons, tastings, recitals and concerts, films, seminars, exhibitions, discussions about external research grant funding, professional development events for academic staff and faculty, and special guest lectures.
Access to the venue is only available with an activated transponder. Although particular occasions are designated for special or booked events and meetings, members and their guests are always welcome.
The University Club at Jacobs is home to the University Club e.v., which is a legally independent, non-profit organisation and private academic society committed to the scientific and inter-cultural exchange between staff and faculty of Jacobs University and the local and wider communities.
The University Club opens its doors each Tuesday at 18:30. Members and prospective members are welcome.
For further information about the University Club eV or to book the club,  please contact:
 universityclub [at] (Dr. Mathias Winterhalter) (Schatzmeister/Treasurer) .
To apply to join the University Club eV
Membership of the club includes university staff & faculty and also members of the local and wider community.
PhD students can also apply to join as junior members. Those who want to work with the Steering Committee become Junior Fellows and have free membership.
Subscribing (active) members receive regular email updates. 
To join the club, please write to the Steering Committee:
The University Club eV at Jacobs University Bremen
Postfach Raum, Reimar Lüst Hall,
Campus Ring 1, 28759 Bremen
universityclub [at]
Fax 0421 200 3249
Vereinsregistereintragung/Associations Registration:
Amtsgericht Bremen VR 6222
Rechstanwälte in Parnerschaft und Notare Büsung, Müffelmann und Theye
The University Club e.V.
Bank Sparkasse Bremen
Account 1626621
(BLZ 290 501 01)
To apply to book the University Club eV venue for events
Membership has its advantages including the priority booking and reduced fees and charges for using the venue for events.
The fees and charges for using the University Club by non-members starts at 400 euros with a 200 euro cash deposit. 
Terms and conditions apply subject to change. 
To book an event at the club, please write to the Steering Committee.