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Transfer Student FAQ

We are happy you are interested in transferring to a bachelor’s program at Jacobs University! The first step is to apply to Jacobs here as an undergraduate transfer student and get admitted. Once you’re admitted, you can complete a transfer credit application.

How many credit points (CP) will Jacobs accept and in what semester will I start my Jacobs studies?

After applying for general admission to Jacobs University as a transfer student and being admitted, students can complete the transfer credit application form and send it to
The Jacobs Admission Team will then send your university transcript(s), course catalogues and syllabi, and credit transfer application to Registrar Services for processing and review. Registrar Services and members of faculty will then conduct a review based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and determine how many credits Jacobs can accept. Our Admissions team will then notify you of the credits earned (of the 180 ECTS CP required for the bachelor’s) and start semester (of the 6) approximately 4-6 weeks after you have submitted the application.

When can I find out how many CP Jacobs will give me?

The first step is to get admitted to Jacobs University. Once you’ve been admitted, you can complete the transfer credit application form. It will take about 4-6 weeks after submission to get your results.

Where is the transfer credit application form?

You can find the form here .

I already completed 2 semesters at another university. Will I automatically be placed in the 3rd semester at Jacobs University?

This will depend on your number of transferrable credits. If enough credits can be transferred, a placement in the 3rd semester might be possible. However, depending on the number of transferable credits, you might also be placed in a lower subject semester (e.g. 2nd semester).

Once I submit the form, how long will it take for me to find out how many credits I’ve been awarded?

Once you submit your credit transfer application form, it will take Registrar Services and faculty approximately 4-6 weeks to conduct your credit transfer review and generate your transfer credit offer.

When and where will I see the credits I have transferred to Jacobs University?

After your transfer credit application has been reviewed by Registrar Services and Faculty, the Admissions team will let you know which credits are transferrable (approx. 4-6 weeks after submission of your application). Once you have accepted our Admission offer, the enrollment process will start. The previously approved credits will be transferred before your arrival on campus, so that you will be able to see your transferred credits in our campus management system - CampusNet - upon arrival.

When I transfer credits from my previous university, will you also transfer the grade(s) I achieved?

Jacobs University does not convert grades to the Jacobs grading scheme. Instead, the transferred modules will show up as “TC” (for transfer credit”).

What if I no longer have the course syllabi from my previous university?

It is important for our faculty to understand the content of your previous courses in order to determine how many ECTS CP can be awarded, so you will need to provide your past syllabi. You may be able to contact your former professors or university to request the syllabi.

I took courses that Jacobs does not offer or general education courses not related to my Jacobs major. Can I still get some type of credit for them?

You may be able to apply previously earned credits to a Jacobs mandatory elective “Choice Module” that you would take in your first or second semester of the first year. These could be courses from a different major offered at Jacobs. Additionally, interdisciplinary courses that deal with the global challenges of our time (called "Big Questions" at Jacobs), can possibly be transferred to the Big Questions module area. Please check the handbooks for a description of this module area.

What if I have questions about what modules or courses I can get credit for?

Please click here to view a sample chart.