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Bachelor of Science Undergraduate Program

ISCP stands for Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology.
The study program focuses on the two core fields of Psychology as a well-founded basis for understanding human behavior.

By applying a multi-layered approach, it seeks to understand people as biological, social, and cultural beings: The program covers neuroscience and individual mental processes, such as perception and memory, and how these processes are shaped by the immediate social surrounding as well as broader cultural context.

It also offers applied modules like organizational psychology and health psychology, as well as specialization modules such as the science of happiness or pathophysiology and psychotherapy of depression. 


ISCP is one of the flagship programs at Constructor University. It has received excellent evaluations in CHE and other Rankings in the past.

Throughout the studies, the students will receive in-depth theoretical training combined with various hands-on research experiences. If you choose the study program, you will be well prepared for a future in a vast array of domains - either as a researcher to help enrich psychology’s evidence base or as a practitioner to apply psychological findings and methods.

Some special features 

  • Small classes with enthusiastic faculty
  • Early research involvement with lab experience
  • Transdisciplinary teaching and research
  • Personal mentoring by caring professors
  • Excellent placement of our Bachelor students, e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, LSE…  
  • Campus-based university with exciting social life
  • Truly international environment (more than 115 nations on campus)

Especially the community is what gives a unique spirit to your experience at Constructor University. The term “community” entails much more than just the student body as your studies are shaped by a close and strong connection to your professors.
Thanks to this bond and the small class sizes, students can benefit from practical training either in the lab or through early involvement in research from their first year of studies onwards and enjoy constant guidance by their supervisors.

Last but not least, Psychology thrives through the understanding of the uniqueness of humans which is especially shaped by their own culture and other prior experiences. At Constructor University you meet the world on one campus. You will enjoy the intercultural exchange, living diversity at Constructor University, in and out the classroom. 

The ISCP program consists of a three-year degree. Each year guides you through the subject with increasingly more detail and specialization.

In your first year, you will be introduced to the two foci and gain an overview of major topics in cognitive and social psychology. For the purpose of orientation, you will also have the opportunity to freely choose and explore courses from other study programs.

The second year provides you with a more in-depth understanding in core modules of social and cognitive psychology, combined with lab modules for hands-on experience, and integrated into applied psychology.
As part of the “Constructor University Track” you will also receive practical methodological training alongside subject-related classes and you will get the chance to enhance your language skills in either German, Spanish, French, or Chinese.

In your third year you will be offered a variety of Specialization Courses and “Big Questions” modules. These subjects further narrow down your focus but also extend the application of Psychology to a global context and thereby prepare you for a future in your target profession.

Your last semester of Constructor University will be mainly dedicated to the creation of your Bachelor thesis. This flexible time frame is often used by students to further discover classes from other majors to broaden their horizon.

Yes, it is possible. In order to pursue a degree with a minor, you need to take your minor as one of your choice modules in the first year. Furthermore, you need to complete one-fourth of your second-year credits with your minor classes. That gives you the freedom to choose and combine psychology classes based on your interest.

You can almost freely choose another study program you would like to have as your minor. This is useful to specialize further and gain theoretical knowledge in another field. Typical minor choices are, for example, “Society, Media, & Politics” or “Biochemistry & Cell Biology” since they are closely related to social psychology or neuroscience.

Most of the classes are rather interactive and include theoretical and practical parts.
The first-year classes are mostly explaining the basics of psychology. In your second and third year, your classes are much smaller and you will gain lots of experience in the lab.

The relationship to professors is usually very close. Students are often referred to as colleagues by their professors. It is common that professors and students are working and communicating closely with each other. Hence, the professors get to know the students individually and therefore are able to support them appropriately.


The psychology program at Constructor University prepares you for many kinds of master’s programs related to psychology, as well as for many diverse job settings.

The Constructor University BSc program lays a solid foundation for careers in a range of directions, such as in industry, consulting, health, media, HR, intercultural relations.

Alumni have gone on to universities all over the globe and pursued careers in research, international companies, governmental organizations, NGOs, etc.


Please also visit our page with general questions about undergraduate studies: FAQ.