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Meet our student - Sergio Martinez

Sergio Martinez - LIFTUS Air Solutions - IMS 2021

LIFTUS Air Solutions is a startup-based company, aiming to bring business solutions for SMEs and freelancers alike. We have developed an autonomous UAV that with the addition of our image recognition software, allows us to remotely monitor any kind of terrain.

Our UAVs are fully electrically powered. They are suited with an array of solar panels over the wing surface of the aircraft, which gives the UAV a range of several tens of kilometers at a maximum flying height of 300meters. The communication between ground control and aircraft is carried through 2,4ghz radio and 4G LTE network, allowing for unlimited control range as far as LTE connection is available.
Terrain monitoring is achieved through live image analysis. The video feed is sent in real-time by the UAV through the LTE network and processed in the receiver device by our proprietary python-based image recognition software.

The design has been developed with a modular physical and logical architecture. This promotes agile methodology in future updates of our products. Ranging from the inclusion of novel algorithms, development of sensor technology, and reducing the cost of infield repairs.

LIFTUS UAVs give SMEs and freelancers an environmentally friendly option for land control (e.g. detection of forest fires and drying of crops), avoiding the disturbance of wildlife and remaining carbon neutral. Autonomous remote surveyance open to everyone.

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s.martinez [at]