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Meet our student - David Lewis


David Lewis - Lewini - GEM 2021

Lewini is a cosmopolitan fashion brand reinventing the use of colors in everyday unisex clothing for the modern individual. At the heart of Lewini is an experimentation with colors, shapes, and patterns to produce clothing pieces.

All our pieces are handmade with care and attention to detail. They are deliberately designed to display a certain look or communicate a certain style and expression. Lewini pieces are limited in quantity, every collection is released with a set amount of pieces that are seldomly repeated or reintroduced.

Drawing inspiration from the colorfulness and imagery of native African materials, Lewini is on a mission to create new ways of wearing and living colorful clothing. Founded in 2016, we are redefining the ways in which one perceives and wears colorful clothes- making it a classic, urban and trendy form of everyday wear.

The Lewini dream encapsulates a spirit of boldness, creativity, and curiosity. A deep desire to do things differently and communicate thought-provoking messages through unconventional means. At the core of what we do is create pieces of clothing that offer people an opportunity to create their personality and redefine themselves – through their Lewini outfits.

We innovate with traditional African textiles and use these to create contemporary unisex pieces of clothing that challenge the stereotypical view that colorful clothing cannot be worn as everyday wear or must be associated to a tribe, tradition, or culture.

phone: +49 176 3636 5057
email: dlewis [at]