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Meet our student - Amin Abdulgalil Besher


Amin Abdulgalil Besher - Obskure Creations - IBA 2021

We are a physical products e-commerce business that specialize in data driven product selection and improvements. We use software to find out what products customers buy a large number of, and what improvements can be made to the products to deliver even more value. Our focus on the data behind the product is what sets us apart by picking lesser known obscure products, hence the business name, and focusing on the demand behind a product rather than the passion behind a product by trying to find undervalued under the radar products that sell a lot but are not well-known and therefore have a low level of competition. By leveraging Amazon's platform, we are able to delegate the shipping process and leverage our brand on top of a powerful platform, which is Amazon's FBA program.

The founder and key person, Amin Besher, is from Yemen and has had an entrepreneurial focus on e-commerce selling since 2016. He attended the boarding school King's Academy from 2014-2017 where he and his cousin's son were able to start more than one entrepreneurial venture in. As a business adviser/partner, Muhammad Azka is from Indonesia and studied previously in Jacobs University Bremen who has had experience in the field of entrepreneurship and both share a common interest with this venture. He currently works at Zalando as partner consultant managing large European fashion brands in the field of sales and marketing.

Phone: +491621648795
WhatsApp: +201001220276
E-mail: a.besher [at]