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Sounding Board

December 14, 2016

Once again this year, shortly before Christmas, the Sounding Board of Jacobs University came together for its annual meeting. Scientists from prestigious universities around the world, representatives of companies with a global reach, and alumni and representatives of Jacobs University met in the advisory panel, which was established in 2014.

In addition to sharing their experiences and discussing concrete strategies, the focus was particularly on collaboration between academics and practitioners – for a good transfer of knowledge for future-oriented solutions. “It’s energizing to see the progress the university has made already, but even more so the continued openness to external input on this journey. It’s great to be part of it,” said Petar Perkovic, Mars Incorporated.
President Katja Windt welcomed the members of the Sounding Board together with the deans Professor Kappas and Professor Nau. Matthias Kramer, Head of Business Operations, presented the options for Executive Education at Jacobs University to the guests, and Arvid Kappas reported on progress in the area of science and education.