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Renowned computer scientist Sergei Markoff lectures at Jacobs University

Renowned computer scientist Sergei Markoff held two lectures for students at Jacobs University. (Source: Jacobs University)

November 7, 2022

Sergei Markoff, accomplished computer scientist and coder, visited students on campus at Jacobs University in Bremen. He gave two lectures on the topic of AI, inspiring students and members of the Jacobs Community. He was joined by his colleague and co-lecturer Tatiana Shavrina.

With his two lectures called “The great transformer revolution: From the foundation models towards future artificial general intelligence” and “Programming Language Processing (PLP) in the age of foundation models: How deep neural networks will change the area of software development”, Sergei Markoff greatly inspired students in the fields of computer science, programming and software engineering. Tatiana Shavrina, experienced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence researcher herself, joined the sessions as co-lecturer.

With the lectures, that took place on November 2nd and November 4th on campus, Markoff and Shavrina offered thrilling insights into the fields of Machine Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning as well as Deep Learning.

Sergei Markoff is, next to other prestigious projects, the creator of ruDALL-E Malevich (XL) and ruDALL-E Kandinsky (XXL), text-driven generative models for images. Tatiana Shavrina is an experienced ML/AI research leader with a PhD in Computational Linguistics.