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Piano to Forte: A musical world tour

A musical world tour: For the 10th time Piano to Forte will take place on campus of Jacobs University. (Source: private)


October 9, 2019

In fall, it is getting melodious in Bremen Nord: Piano to Forte, the largest student organized music event on campus of Jacobs University is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Interested spectators can look forward to a diverse musical program under the motto "Show your true self!” The concert will take place in the cinema of Jacobs University on October 18 and 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Fiery guitar sounds from Latin America, rhythmic hip hop dance from the USA, traditional folk songs from Nepal – this concert caters for every taste! More than 30 musicians will present 13 unique performances at this year's edition of Piano to Forte – for the first time in three years with a dance performance again. J-Cappella, the University’s choir, will also be represented with a performance. "All artists have been strictly selected by a commission of musically-instructed students”, says Edgardo José Reyes Martínez. The student of Biochemistry and Cell Biology is this year’s main organizer of the event.

"Unlike popular belief, the title ‘Piano to Forte’ doesn’t have anything to do with the instrument itself," 20-year-old Edgardo explains. Since his childhood he has been enthusiastic about music and has mastered various musical instruments. "The words 'piano' and 'forte' come from Italian, which is the standardized language for musical notation. They indicate the musician the intensity, the volume and the character of the music,” states Edgardo. Freely translated, "Piano to Forte" means "From soft to loud” and refers to the manifold compositions presented at the event.

A musical world tour: For the 10th time Piano to Forte will take place on campus of Jacobs University. (Source: private)

In recent years, the student hosts welcomed an average of 900 spectators to their concerts. Numerous guests are expected this year again. Students, staff and faculty members of Jacobs University as well as interested guests are invited to attend this musical world tour.

As in previous years, the proceeds will be donated to projects with various social purposes. "We want to support three charity clubs on campus this year: The "Rotaract Club", which raises funds for humanitarian causes, the "Refugee Support Club", which offers free German lessons for refugees in Bremen, and the "Explore Bremen Club", which promotes cultural and sportive excursions with children from a local school”, explains the Mexican-born student.

The regular entrance fee is 8 euros. Students, children and pensioners pay a reduced entrance fee of 3 euros per person. Tickets can be bought at the box office or reserved in advance by contacting Edgardo José Reyes Martínez (e.reyes [at]