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New professors and lecturers at Jacobs University

Dean Arvid Kappas welcomes the new professors and lecturers Sergey Kosov, Peter Zaspel, Florian Schupp, Thomas Lang and Christopher Hausmann to Jacobs University (from left to right) (Source: Jacobs University).


October 16, 2019

They teach and do research in different subject areas and come from different countries. All of them share a very similar motivation however: they want to teach and do research at an international, English-medium university, with students from over 100 nations and small learning groups. The team at Jacobs University Bremen is strengthened by a whole series of professors and university lecturers.

Dr.-Ing. Mojtaba Joodaki, Professor of Electrical Engineering, comes from Iran’s Ferdowsi University of Mashhad to Bremen. He has previously done research at the University of Kassel and worked in the industry for companies such as Infinion and Qimonda. Dr. Omid Fatahi Valilai, who also comes from Iran, most recently taught at the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. He will join the Mathematics and Logistics department and teach Industrial Engineering at Jacobs University. 

Machine learning and "computer vision", the ability of computers to understand images and videos, are two of the specialties of Dr. Sergey Kosov, a university lecturer in data engineering. "For me, my work as a university lecturer at Jacobs University is an important step on the way to fulfilling my dream of becoming a professor, leading a research group and advancing science. Kosov teaches computer science and hopes that one day his students will outdo him: "That's why I teach". 

Machine learning is also a focus of Dr. Peter Zaspel, Professor of Computer Science, who has moved from the University of Basel to Jacobs University, where he particularly enjoys the interdisciplinarity. "I want to be a good teacher and focus my research on scalable machine learning with applications in the natural and engineering sciences.” Zaspel wants to establish a research group on this topic and inspire his students to be excited about research, even when it comes to complex questions.

The Department of Business and Economics also gets a new member: On January 1, 2020, Dr. Milka Kazandziska will take up her post as an economics professor at Jacobs University. Born in Macedonia, she has a lot of experience both as a lecturer at various universities and as a researcher on behalf of organizations such as the International Labour Organization of the United Nations (ILO), for which she worked for several years.
Various adjunct professors support the Faculty of Jacobs University:

Dr.-Ing. Florian Schupp, Adjunct Professor of Logistics, is also teaching at Jacobs University. He combines practical experience with academic research like almost no other. He is also Senior Vice President Purchasing & Supplier Management Automotive OEM at the Schaeffler Group and a member of the advisory board of BLG Logistics for strategic corporate development. "I am particularly interested in purchasing and procurement management, especially digitization in purchasing," says Schupp. To develop this field further, he plans to set up a research center for purchasing strategies at Jacobs University.

Dr. Christopher Hausmann has been Adjunct Professor for Project Management at Jacobs University since February 2019. The sociologist has many years of experience as a project consultant and lecturer in project management at various colleges and universities. As Senior Official of the International Association of Project Managers (IAPM), Hausmann is an expert in the field of project management in complex structures and different cultures. 

"I hope that I can inspire the students for clinical psychology and psychotherapy and would like to convey that theory and practice belong together," says Dr. Thomas Lang, Adjunct Professor of Psychology. "For me, effective psychotherapy is only possible on the basis of clinical psychological research". His work focuses on anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, but also on psychotherapy and migration. In the near future, he also plans to conduct clinical studies in these areas.

About Jacobs University Bremen:
Studying in an international community. Obtaining a qualification to work on responsible tasks in a digitized and globalized society. Learning, researching and teaching across academic disciplines and countries. Strengthening people and markets with innovative solutions and advanced training programs. This is what Jacobs University Bremen stands for. Established as a private, English-medium campus university in Germany in 2001, it is continuously achieving top results in national and international university rankings. Its more than 1,500 students come from more than 100 countries with around 80% having relocated to Germany for their studies. Jacobs University’s research projects are funded by the German Research Foundation or the EU Research and Innovation program as well as by globally leading companies.

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