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Medical Preparatory Year is successful

Medical Preparation - German Students

June 6, 2017

The course is unique in Germany: In the fall of last year, Jacobs University started its unique Medical Preparatory Year (MedPrep), which prepares students specifically to study medicine. Now the first participants in the program have received sought-after acceptance letters for medical school; others have received invitations to selection interviews. “We are pleased at the success of the participants in our program,” says Coordinator Nadja Oellrich.

The admission process for medical school is very competitive. MedPrep improves an applicant’s chances of getting in by conveying the fundamentals of natural science and medicine and preparing students specifically for medical entrance exams, such as TMS and HAM-Nat, and MedAT in Austria. The program focuses on seminars in biology, chemistry, physics, and anatomy, as well as accompanying lab courses. For these seminars, ECTS credits are given, which can be recognised in medical school as prerequisites for admission or as a first semester course. The languages of instruction are German and English.

MedPrep places no less value upon the practical aspect – a nursing internship in the hospital in cooperation with the Bremen hospital association Gesundheit Nord is part of the program, as is the practical seminar “Insights into the Hospital.” In this course, practicing physicians give students initial insights into structures and procedures in the hospital world.

“The offerings of the clinical association Gesundheit Nord and Jacobs University has elicited a thoroughly positive response,” says Dr. Karin Hochbaum, Director of the Division of Corporate Development and Medical Strategy within the hospital association. “This is shown both by the evaluation and in personal discussions following the first block. The students were impressed above all by insights into everyday clinical practice, for example in emergency rooms or in intensive care. Based on this success, we will participate in the Medical Preparatory Year again this year.”

In addition, experienced instructors, professors, and medical practitioners provide support and assistance to students during the application process. Currently, Jacobs University is concluding cooperative agreements with universities in the European and German-speaking regions, including the Medical University of Danzig in Poland, for example. The goal is give the graduates of MedPrep even better support in making their dream of becoming a doctor come true.

About Jacobs University:
Jacobs University is a private, independent, English-language university in Bremen. Young people from all over the world study here in preparatory, Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs. Internationality and transdisciplinarity are special features of Jacobs University: research and teaching don’t just pursue a single approach, they address issues from the perspectives of multiple disciplines. This principle makes Jacobs graduates highly sought-after new talents who successfully strike out on international career paths.

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