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Jacobs University welcomes SIAT delegation

SIAT delegation China
April 1, 2016
A delegation of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technologies (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) headed by the president of SIAT Professor Jianping Fan has recently visited Jacobs University to get an overview of the robotics research activities and to establish new collaboration in research and education. The delegation went on a tour of the university, including several live demonstrations in the robotics, the X, and the ocean labs.
The tour started with an introduction to some of the ongoing robotics projects at Jacobs University and information on the Bachelor Program Intelligent Mobile Systems by Professor Andreas Birk. The demonstration in the robotics lab featured several autonomous underwater robots and a mobile robot for logistics operations that autonomously recognizes and locates objects for manipulation and transport. Furthermore, the visitors were introduced to the facilities and the ongoing research on affective computing in the X Lab by Professor Arvid Kappas, Dean of Jacobs University, including an introduction to a tutoring system based on a humanoid robot. In the ocean lab, Professor Laurenz Thomson demonstrated Wally, a deep sea crawler, and Professor Birk’s group presented research on underwater object recognition and mapping with a stereo system and an imaging sonar. The delegation from SIAT was accompanied by Professor Jianwei Zhang and 15 Chinese PhD students and postdocs from Universität Hamburg.