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An interdisciplinary researcher is recognized

Professor Marc-Thorsten Hütt has been elected into the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (source: private)


March 5, 2019

Marc-Thorsten Hütt, Professor of Systems Biology at Jacobs University, has been elected into the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. As a full member of Class IV (Natural Sciences), he will work within the Academy on interdisciplinary questions of the complexity of nature and society.

It may not be a Nobel Prize, but being chosen for the renowned European Academy of Sciences and Arts, based in Salzburg, is still a special distinction in the career of the experienced professor. His main focus is to analyse phenomena in biology and medicine that are based on large amounts of data. For this, he uses the mathematical language of networks. For instance, Hütt investigates the dynamics of intertwined metabolic pathways and their interaction with the regulation of genes. He also applies the same methods to analyse processes of industrial production and social dynamics.

The interdisciplinary orientation of his scientific work makes him a fitting candidate for an academy that operates across disciplinary boundaries. It is a non-governmental, European association dedicated to the promotion of scientific and social progress. The newly appointed member was directly involved in a symposium on “Complexity in Nature and Society” last Saturday in Salzburg, where the scientist gave a lecture on the importance of systems biology for understanding biological complexity.

Professor Hütt's research and teaching is characterized by its ability to penetrate the rules of systems. This search fascinates him again and again: “It is a sequence of enigmas as one can penetrate ever deeper and decipher how nature works”. His appointment to the European Academy is not only a recognition of his scientific work, but also enables him to engage in intensive exchanges with scientists from a large number of European universities.

Further questions can be addressed to:
Marc-Thorsten Hütt | professor of systems biology
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