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A Degree from Jacobs Gives You Wings!

Aman Bhattarai


February 7, 2018

Students always ask us where a degree from Jacobs can take them – what are the career prospects of our alumni?  Below you can read about what Aman Bhattarai, who graduated in 2016, is doing with his degree.

I was born and brought up in Kathmandu, Nepal. I came to Germany in the summer of 2011 to pursue my Bachelor’s degree at Jacobs University, and graduated with a B.Sc. in International Logistics Engineering Management in 2014.  I then followed up with a Master’s degree at Jacobs in the same domain. In 2016, I completed my university education and moved down to Frankfurt am Main to start my professional journey.

Current Role: I am currently working for zeroG GmbH as a Consultant. zeroG is a digital consulting startup within Lufthansa Group, one of the world's largest aviation group. As a Consultant in the field of big data analytics and business intelligence, I help leading airlines get valuable business insights out of their operational data. Currently, I am working for one of the major digitalization program within Lufthansa German Airlines, where I am responsible for performance tracking, reporting and business intelligence for all the digital initiatives carried out within the program.

What attracted you to Jacobs out of all the other possibilities you were considering?
Jacobs was definitely my to-go choice for two reasons: generous scholarship & international community. Back then, my undergraduate applications were mostly focused on US and UK universities. Against those two potential destinations, Jacobs gave a solid mix of world-class education, vibrant international environment and affordability. Once I received my admissions letter, it was a no-brainer to come to Jacobs.

What did Jacobs do for you that you were not expecting?
Jacobs gave me eyes to look at the world from a completely different angle. It taught me to judge humanity above nationality, culture or religion. Over the span of 5 years, I met people from all over the world and they became my family away from home. The intercultural competence & inter personal skills that I gained at Jacobs definitely helps me stand out in my professional environment every day as I deal with my clients and partners.