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Connect, Network, Hire: A One Stop Shop for Professional Recruitment


February 22, 2022
When it comes to recruiting young talent, Jacobs University Bremen has a plethora of options, one being the renowned Jacobs Career Fair. For years, the university fair – being one of the largest of its kind in the region – has brought together companies, NGOs and research institutions from different industries and areas of expertise, as well as university students from all throughout Northern Germany. Want to get an impression? The next Jacobs Career Fair will take place online on March 2nd, 2022.

The Jacobs Career Fair focuses on providing professional opportunities, expertise, and networking possibilities for students and professionals in and around Bremen (Source: Jacobs University).

In today’s job market, opportunities are nothing short of ubiquitous – the main challenge lies in connecting companies with candidates. With countless job portals and recruitment agencies in existence, it becomes more difficult for students to fine-tune their options. This is where the Career Services Center at Jacobs University comes into play. “With our international student body, we offer a catalogue of talent, languages and skills for employers in Germany and Europe,” says Predrag Tapavicki, Head of the Career Services Department at Jacobs University, “we strive to bring top companies and institutions to connect with our students and alumni so they gain exposure to different formats and positions.”

But doors are not just open to students at Jacobs University, the Fair is an opportunity for university students from all over the region and alumni all over the world. Together with the Universität Bremen, Hochschule für Künste, Hochschule Bremen, and other higher education institutions in or near Bremen, Jacobs University takes part in a forum for career services: Career Alliance Bremen, a network of career service professionals from regional higher education institutions. “Our aim is to combine our networks in order to generate more opportunities for students and companies alike,” said Tapavicki. In this way, all students in the region are invited to join the Fair and companies have access to thousands of young talented individuals.

Greater accessibility is possible, as the Fair is taking place online: students have the ability to join from the comfort of their room. A digital career fair facilitates company interaction with a larger number of students – an advantage that provides participants with an added level of safety in times where crowded areas are a cause for concern. Though in-person interaction is usually preferred, the Online Jacobs Career Fair nonetheless enables companies to carry out one-on-one interviews, workshops and presentations with students. Finding the right candidate is just one click away.

It is no coincidence that most Jacobs graduates find their first job within a year of graduating; employability stands at the forefront of the international university’s institutional values. All students at Jacobs University have to complete a mandatory internship in order to, not only gain necessary practical experience in their field, but also to attain their degree. Students are eager to reach out to companies, and Jacobs University is the perfect place to recruit international talent. Partner companies such as Acronis, Micrrosoft, Fraunhofer Institute, Huawei and KPMG are amongst the elite joining the Fair, but it is not only an event for the business and STEM specialties. “There is something at the Fair for everyone, ranging from tech to nongovernmental organizations, prominent research institutions and also higher education partners,” mentioned Tapavicki, “we are proud to be able to offer our students and alumni a wide range of options.”

The Career Fair also focuses on providing expertise with various workshops. Alumni of the university attend the Fair to pass on learnings and advice to students in their field during the Alumni Career Talks Series panel discussion. Students are able to use this format to get tips for their career of choice and network with professionals who also studied at Jacobs University.
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