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Citizens create knowledge project MyOSD: Marine microorganisms hands-on

09. September 2016

This Saturday (September 10th) at 11 a.m., Professor Frank Oliver Glöckner will hold a lecture in the Haus der Wissenschaft for the MyOSD project: Marine microorganisms hands-on – citizens create knowledge. Glöckner is Professor of Bioinformatics at Jacobs University and a molecular biologist at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology and is researching the significance of marine microorganisms for the balance of our oceans.
Frank Oliver Glöckner will explain the importance of marine microorganisms for the balance of the marine ecosystem and how they are being researched. In the process, he will address the backgrounds and goals of the worldwide Ocean Sampling Days (OSD), which have been an annual occurrence at the Summer solstice since 2014, and how this year 1000 citizens in Germany were motivated to help with this research into the smallest forms of life. All the data of the scientists (OSD project) and the citizen project MyOSD are currently being collected and will be available to the scientists and to all interested citizens for further analysis. In this way, anyone can participate actively and support the research into the sea and climate.
“Wissen um 11:00”, the knowledge matinee in Bremen, in which exciting and current topics from science are presented for 30 minutes every Saturday at 11 a.m. Admission is free.