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Bremen's Jacobs University welcomes new trainees from the region

Hilke Bußmann, Fynn Koste, Celia Grove, Victor Tilgner, Leonie Wilken and Dr. Michael Dubbert, Head of Human Resources at Jacobs University (from left) Photo: Jacobs University


August 8, 2018

On August 1, Jacobs University Bremen welcomed three new trainees to the campus in Bremen North.

Celia Grove (18) and Fynn Koste (19) come from Schwanewede and are looking forward to a career in office management. 19-year-old Victor Tilgner from Bremen is a trainee events manager and strengthens the events team at Jacobs University. Leonie Wilken (20) from Bremen is already making an excellent contribution as an events manager in her second year of training.

"The international environment and the diverse departments that our trainees pass through offer optimal conditions for a successful start to their training. We warmly welcome our trainees and look forward to many exciting tasks and projects," says trainer Hilke Bußmann.