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Anisoprint partners with Jacobs University and SIT to establish an on-campus composite 3D printing ecosystem

Anisoprint partners with SIT and Jacobs University to create a research environment for 3D printing systems on the Bremen campus. (Source: Jacobs University)

July 27, 2022

The Luxembourg based hardware start-up Anisoprint and Jacobs University Bremen have teamed up through a signed agreement to foster research, education and technology transfer on continuous fiber 3D printing on the university's campus in Bremen. Anisoprint is known for its 3D printing systems for manufacturing continuous fiber-reinforced plastic parts that can substitute metal ones in aerospace and engineering. In collaboration with Jacobs University, Anisoprint will establish a research environment centered around the brand's proprietary Continuous Fiber Coextrusion (CFC) technology on the campus in Bremen, Germany. Founded in 2001, Jacobs University is a private, English-language campus university and part of the global Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) ecosystem.

Creating meaningful connections with universities by providing a leading-edge research infrastructure is central to Anisoprint's mission. As part of this agreement Anisoprint will relocate its research and development (R&D) team to Bremen and set up a lab with state-of-the-art equipment on the campus of Jacobs University. Along with developing new materials, improving processes, and design methods, the team will also contribute to educational activities and technology training for students, both from Jacobs University and SIT.

The collaboration will facilitate cross-learning, knowledge sharing, and best practice exchange in multiple research fields. Jacobs University and SIT students will get the opportunity to explore educational resources, participate in training programs and experiment with cutting edge 3D printing technology through access to the lab. With Anisoprint hosting different thesis projects and internships, students will also benefit from new career opportunities within a fast growing technology area.

Professor Fabio Pammolli, Jacobs University President

“This agreement marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration in research, teaching, and knowledge transfer in a highly innovative and disruptive technology environment”, said Jacobs University President Professor Fabio Pammolli. “It is a milestone in the path of Jacobs University in its ambition to become one of the Top 15 global young universities with a focus in key areas such as Data Science for Business, Quantum Computing and Technologies, Advanced Materials, and Modeling of Complex Systems. Additionally to the educational benefits, it brings great value to the whole economic area of Bremen.”

Fedor Anotonv, CEO at Anisoprint

Commenting on the agreement, Fedor Antonov, CEO at Anisoprint, said: “Our goal has always been to bring the cutting edge of research to the market. The City of Bremen is a globally well-known hotspot for aerospace and polymer science. We’re at the right place and the right time. Becoming a part of Jacobs University`s excellent research ecosystem will catalyze our future research activities.”

About Anisoprint
Anisoprint is a Luxembourg-based hardware start-up producing 3D Printers that allow to manufacture continuous fiber reinforced plastic parts that can substitute metal ones in aerospace, engineering and many other areas along with cutting costs and increasing productivity.

Continuous Fiber Coextrusion (CFC), the technology that was developed and patented by the company, allows to create lattice structures, which is the key for multimaterial optimization and production. Such parts are lighter, stronger and cheaper than their metal analogs.

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About Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) and Jacobs University Bremen (JUB)
SIT is a global institution dedicated to promoting Science, Education and Technology. Headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, SIT is a growing ecosystem comprised of education and research as well as commercial technology spin-offs, consulting services, and investment funds.

Thanks to its two English-language campuses – in Bremen, Germany and in Schaffhausen, Switzerland – SIT offers interdisciplinary university programs to students from around the globe with flexible learning models, both online and on-site. With research and entrepreneurial mentality at its core, the SIT education ecosystem is a gateway to the most in-demand careers in technology and sciences.

Jacobs University Bremen is a university offering a comprehensive range of BSc, MSc, and PhD programs that grant the qualifications required to work in any country in the much-needed careers of our digitalized world. Each student benefits from a well-organized campus life and from synergies with SIT’s research and business ecosystem.

Founded in 2001 as a private, English-language campus university, it repeatedly achieves top results in national and international university rankings. Its more than 1,600 students come from over110 countries, and around 80 percent have moved to Germany to study. Research projects at Jacobs University are funded by the German Research Foundation or the European Union's Framework Program for Research and Innovation, as well as by globally leading companies.

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