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From administration building to student accommodation: Jacobs University Bremen has rebuilt

Yesterday the new student accommodation was officially opened (from left to right): Dr. Michael Dubbert, Managing Director of Jacobs University, Laura Smith, Resident Mentor of Krupp E and Jens V. Dünnbier, Member of the Management Board. (Source: Jacobs University)


May 8, 2019

Over 880 students have been living on the campus of Jacobs University since the beginning of the year. The university's accommodation facilities in Bremen-Nord had thus reached their capacity limits. The conversion of an administration building on the site of the former barracks has created new, modern apartments for 73 students. The new student accommodation "Krupp E" was officially opened yesterday.

Young people from more than 110 countries are studying at the private, English-speaking Jacobs University. The continuing popularity, especially of the Bachelor's programs, leads to accommodation challenges at the beginning of each semester. "As an international campus university, we want to give our students the opportunity to research, learn and live together," emphasizes Jens V. Dünnbier, member of the Management Board. "Our top priority in creating new housing capacities is, therefore, to make them available directly on the campus of Jacobs University.” As a convenient interim solution, the university also used student apartments in THE FIZZ since 2018 and since the beginning of this year in 7Things - two apartment houses in Bremen - and in a hotel located in Vegesack. "We are now pleased to have increased the accommodation possibilities directly on campus at short notice,” says Dünnbier. Krupp E complements the existing range for students with Alfried Krupp College, Mercator College, College III, and College Nordmetall.

With the conversion of the administration building dating from 1938, accommodation for 73 students has been created in the immediate vicinity of the university library. The residents are pleased with the modern apartments. They consist mainly of two fully furnished single rooms with a shared bathroom. On each floor of the 3-storey brick building, there is a kitchen for the students. The conversion of the building into a college was the responsibility of an architect from Vegesack, while the crafts enterprises commissioned also come from the Bremen region. Irrespective of this short-term measure, Jacobs University continues to plan a new college in the north of the campus area.

As part of the official inauguration ceremony for Krupp E, the Krupp College anthem was rehearsed together with the house's mascot, the residents and the college staff members in addition to speeches and acknowledgments given by university representatives.