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FAQ for Exhibitors

FAQ for Exhibitors

1. Which visitors will join the Constructor Career Fair?

The Constructor Career Fair is an open and free offer for all students and alumni of Constructor University Bremen and other universities.
You can find an overview of all degree programs from the Constructor University Bremen here.

2. How can I register for the Constructor Career Fair?

Interested companies that want to participate as an exhibitor are requested to register themselves through the PDF registration form.

3. What happens if I registered for the fair but aren’t able to participate?

Please contact us immediately. It´s possible that there is a cancellation fee.

4. What do students expect? Which offers and information should we bring for the Fair?

We are an English speaking university. Because of this, we ask you to provide all information in English (if possible).
In addition to the conversations with the students, all exhibitors have the possibility to use the Networking Reception during and after the Fair. Here they can talk to professors of the University.
Our students have the chance to participate in a two-month mandatory internship between their 4th and 5th semester.

5. How is it possible to publish job and internship offers?

If you book the premium package you get an exclusive chance to pre-publish your job offers via e-mail to all students of the Constructor University in advance of the Fair.
Moreover all exhibitors can publish their job offers on our internal platform JobTeaser.

6. Are the conversations at the Fair only informative or is it also possible to have job interviews?

During the Fair many different conversations can take place. This can also depend on which staff participates at the fair.
You have the chance to get to know applicants spontaneously at the Live Booth. You can meet with more interesting candidates at the one-on-one Chats. Participants that are interested in the content can be reached via Sessions about your company and relevant projects and programs.

7. Is it possible to contact applicants in advance?

You can contact applicants in advance at any time to clarify questions and arrange appointments. Three weeks before the Fair starts, applicants have the possibility to register themselves and make appointments.

8. How visible are our profile and offers?

Your profile is visible on the welcome page where the applicants have direct access to profile details and job offers. Besides this option, they have the possibility to search for suitable companies and put them on a reminder-list.

9. When do we gain access to create our profile?

About four to five weeks before the Fair.

10. We‘ve had some bad experiences with online fairs in the past. The connection was poor and there were only a few applicants.

Because of the integrative video-solution, it is possible to plan the capacity of the server dynamically. The performance can also be improved by using a LAN-cable to connect with the internet. The students of Constructor University are released from all regular classes on this day, so they can get in touch with possible employers and learn more about their career perspectives. Moreover the Fair is free for all additional interested applicants.