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11/07/2016 Chemie GDCh : Prof. Sven Schneider

Monday, November 7, 2016 - 17:15
Lecture Hall of Research III


Colloquium of the German Chemical Society (GDCh), Bremen Section


Prof. Sven SchneiderGöttingen University - Germany - Website:

Title of the talk:

The Fixation with Fixation: Chemical Transformations of N2

The functionalization of dinitrogen to ammonia and particularly to organic nitrogen
compounds, such as amines, nitriles or nitro compounds, at ambient conditions remains
as one of the most challenging tasks in homogeneous catalysis. In turn, selective
oxidations of ammonia or organic amines are of great importance, e.g. in the context of
electrocatalytic ammonia combustion or nitrene transfer catalysis. In recent years, we
examined elementary reactions relevant to such processes, such as nitride hydrogenolysis
to ammonia [1], nitride coupling to N2 [2], N2 splitting to terminal nitrides [3], or the
direct conversion of N2 to organic molecules (Figure),[4] mediated by transition metal
pincer complexes. This reactivity will be discussed in the context of electronic structure /
reactivity relationships.
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