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Porträt Armin Müller
Dr. Armin Müller
Postdoctoral Fellow to Prof. ten Brink
School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences
Social Sciences & Humanities

Constructor University Bremen gGmbH
Res. IV | Campus Ring 1 | 28759 Bremen

+49 421 200-3303
armmueller [at]
Research IV, Room 77
Research Interests: 


Political economy of China and comparative politics, with a focus on:  

  • Social insurance and the healthcare system 
  • Skill formation, vocational education and the role of companies 
  • Migration (with a focus on social protection) 
  • Decentralization, fiscal policy, and local government

China’s foreign policy and international relations 




Heberer, Thomas; Müller, Armin: Entwicklungsstaat China: Politik, Wirtschaft, sozialer Zusammenhalt und Ideologie. (China as a Developmental State: Politics, Economy, Social Cohesion and Ideology.) Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Berlin, 2020. URL: (accessed: April 25, 2020)

Heberer, Thomas; Müller, Armin: Chinas gesellschaftliche Transformation. Entwicklungen, Trends und Grenzen. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bonn, 2017.

Müller, Armin: China’s New Public Health Insurance. Challenges to Health Reforms and the New Rural Cooperative Medical System. Routledge, Oxon, 2016.

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Müller, Armin; ten Brink, Tobias: Lesson-drawing under Authoritarianism. Generosity and Cost Control in China’s Hospital Payment Reforms. Asian Politics & Policy (forthcoming).

Müller, Armin; ten Brink, Tobias: The Diffusion of International Models in China’s Urban Emplyees’ Social Insurance. Global Social Policy, 2022. LINK (accessed: August 26, 2022). 

Müller, Armin: The dynamics of unemployment insurance coverage in Chinese cities: Preliminary results. SFB 1342 Working Paper Series (peer-reviewed), 2021, 14.  LINK (accessed: August 31, 2021) 

Heinrich, Andreas; Isabekova, Gulnaz; Müller, Armin; Pleines, Heiko; ten Brink, Tobias: The Agency of Recipient Countries in Transnational Policy-related Knowledge Transfer: From Conditionality to Elaborated Autonomous Policy Learning. Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 2021, 54:3, 51-72. LINK  (accessed: August 31, 2021) 

Müller, Armin: Bureaucratic Conflict Between Transnational Actor Coalitions: The diffusion of British National Vocational Qualifications to China. Social Policy & Administration, 2021, 55:6, 1021-1035. [Social Science Citation Index] LINK (accessed: February 01, 2021) 

ten Brink, Tobias; Müller, Armin; Liu Tao: Causal Mechanisms in the Making of China’s Social Insurance System: Policy Experimentation, Top-Leader Intervention, and Elite Cooperation. SFB 1342 Working Paper Series (peer-reviewed), 2020, 7. URL: (accessed: February 01, 2021) 

Müller, Armin: External Migrants under Mainland China’s Informal Welfare Regime: Risk Shifts, Resource Environments, and the Urban Employees’ Social Insurance. Pacific Affairs, 2020, 93:2, 281-303. [Social Science Citation Index] URL: (accessed: June 11, 2020) 

Müller, Armin: Institutional ambiguity in primary and preventive care: Reforming village health services in 21st century China. In: Journal of Contemporary China, forthcoming. [Social Science Citation Index]  URL:
(published online: February 2019)

Müller, Armin: Public Services and Informal Profits: Governing township health centres in a context of misfit regulatory institutions. In: China Quarterly, 2019, 237, 198-130. [Social Science Citation Index] URL:
(accessed: May 16, 2019)

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Müller, Armin: The Margins and the Marginalised: Social Policy, Labour Migration, and Ethnic Identity at the Peripheries of Chinese Society (Introduction). In: Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 2016, 45:2, 3-27. URL: (Zugang: 8. Dezember 2016).

Müller, Armin: Premium Collection and the Problem of Voluntary Enrollment in China’s New Rural Cooperative Medical System (NRCMS). In: Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 2016, 45:1, 11-41. URL: (Zugang: 8. Dezember 2016).


Themenheft des Journal of Current Chinese Affairs (2016, 45, 2): The Margins and the Marginalized: Social Policy, Labour Migration, and Ethnic Identity at the Peripheries of Chinese Society.

Other Professional Activities: 
Project Director: CRC 1342, B05: Inclusion and Benefit Dynamics in the Chinese Welfare Regime (2022-25)