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Tyler Buchman

BSc Computer Science | 2015

Nationality: USA

Graduate School: MSc Computer Science, Computational Perception & Robotics, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

Current Position: Robotics Software Engineer, Badger Technologies, Lexington, KY, USA

We are building an autonomous robot that navigates around supermarkets. I am currently working on improving our ability to know where we are in the supermarket through our various sensors. It is an exciting problem to try to solve.



What did Jacobs do for you that you were not expecting?

“What surprised me about Jacobs was how close of a community it is. People look out for each other and care about how each other are doing.“

Tyler Buchman

What did you think about your study program?

The Computer Science program at Jacobs is fantastic. The courses are rigorous but you will learn more than you thought possible, and the professors, TAs, and especially your classmates are always there to help.