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Aulon Kuqi

BSc Computer Science | 2017

Nationality: Albanian

Current Position: Financial Data Scientist (Assistant Manager), Deal Advisory, KPMG Deutschland, Berlin, Germany

Position at time of interview: Technology Consultant




What attracted you to Jacobs out of all the other possibilities you were considering?

I could not afford to visit any universities outside Albania, therefore it was difficult to make this life decision solely based on each university's projection on the internet and their corresponding statistical claims. Fortunately, Jacobs University offered me the highest amount of scholarship and financial aid than the other universities I applied to. From my personal research on the official Jacobs website, I was mostly fascinated by the four colleges. I was eagerly looking forward to become an active member on the life on campus.

What did Jacobs do for you that you were not expecting?

It is difficult to pick a starting point, since Jacobs influenced every aspect of me. If I observe it from a timeline point-of-view, the first impression was the beauty (and size) of our campus. Since all I could see online were pictures, I did not realize how beautiful the campus is.

“I could barely sleep during O-Week because all I wanted to do was explore the campus and meet my classmates.“

Aulon Kuqi

Then I realized how truly international Jacobs is. It was fascinating to discover similarities from classmates that literally lived on the other side of the globe. Since the first conversation, I felt a sense of belonging. The student advisers (along with the O-Week organizing team) are always very helpful, very kind, and fun to hang out with. This fact has never changed, and even today when I meet someone new, who also happens to be a Jacobs alumnus, I immediately feel a universal connection.

My professors (and the Computer Science major in general) have always been friendly but professional, funny but wise, and extremely talented. All campus activities organized by students are the core of our life on campus. I have organized, participated, and competed, in multiple and diverse events. Each of them expanded my point of view, my ideology, my knowledge, and my experience. And last, but certainly not least, the alumni. They are the ultimate post-Jacobs experience, and I am very proud to be one of them.