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Anna Kuznetsova

BA Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology | 2016

Nationality: Ukrainian

Current Position: Senior Consultant at Deloitte Deutschland, Berlin, Germany
Position at time of interview: Business Analyst, SAP SuccessFactors at Deloitte Consulting


What did Jacobs do for you that you were not expecting?

“I would say that from the first day I stepped foot on campus, everything I experienced was beyond what I was expecting.“

Anna Kuznetsova

It started with such amazing and caring events like O-Week, where you really get a chance to settle in properly and you notice that people really care that you are doing well. It goes beyond the big day of graduation, which makes you appreciate the years you spent and friends you won at this place, and goes on with a huge alumni community you can contact in case of job search, grad school applications, or just a trip to their city. I did not expect the amount of impact all the small events over the three years provided by the university and the community developed would shape my life in such way.

How do you think the experience you gained throughout your Jacobs program has helped you transition onto your current career path?

I decided to follow a professional path that was in quite a different field than my initial field of study. I studied ISCP (Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology), but early on realized that I am interested in a career in consulting, so the question was just how to make it happen. The program itself helped me develop skills in statistics and research analysis, as well as the ability to quickly develop knowledge of new concepts and learn efficiently, which are both essential skills for consulting. Also, it made me resilient, and taught me to be able to keep a cool head and thrive in a high-stress environment. Additionally, I also learned the ability to adjust to different working styles and colleagues, and the important skill of presenting and public speaking with confidence. All these tools are important in a business environment, and helped me follow the career I was aiming for.

As Jacobs has adopted changes in curricula over the years, some of the study programs the alumni have been in might no longer be offered. However, the elements of interdisciplinarity, woven in with diverse perspectives to foster a holistic education, is and will always be the principle that
governs all of the study programs Jacobs offers. Alumni featured on this website may have studied different subjects, but their appreciation for Jacobs, their journey at Jacobs, and their journey beyond Jacobs stays the same.