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11/18/2015 ConDyNet - Colloquium

Dr. Pedro Lind - University of Oldenburg

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 15:00
Lecture Hall, Research III


Surfing and diving into large fluctuations in stochastic processes

Wind energy is one of the best candidates to answer the world-wide energetic problem, and simultaneously it is a clean source of energy.
However it has a drawback: it reflects the turbulent nature of the wind itself, with three main consequences. Firstly, since wind speed presents non-Gaussian fluctuations in time, the power output of one turbine also shows this intermittent behavior making predictions of energy production rather difficult. Secondly, power grids fed only from wind energy alone would be unstable, with periods of large production alternated with periods of very low production. Thirdly, these facts raise challenges to the wind power producers, who need to trade on these variations in the electricity markets, since large fluctuations in the energy produced can impede the matching to the committed energy.  In this talk, we present a framework being developed during the last  two decades in Oldenburg and Münster for modeling the full range of fluctuations with different amplitudes from empirical data measurements.  In the context of wind energy, our analysis retrieves the power performance curve of a wind turbine. Moreover, features, such as the rated speed of the wind turbine or the descriptive wind speed statistics, can be related with the stochastic equations describing the evolution of power production and wind speed at single wind turbines. We also discuss how such procedure can be extended for extracting functional relationships between pairs of physical variables in general.

Speaker: Dr. Pedro Lind from University of  Oldenburg (Homepage)

Host: Prof. Dr. Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns, Professor of Physics,

Focus Area Health | Physics & Earth Sciences
E-Mail: h.ortmanns [at],Phone: +49 421 200-3221,
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