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05/29/2019 - From the Bay of Bengal to Vegesack an der Weser

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - 19:00
Geschichtenhaus, Vegesack


"From the Bay of Bengal to Vegesack an der Weser"

A traditional Odissa Dance Performance in honor of the 200 Year Celebration of the Bremen Town Musicians
Sonali Mishra, M.F.A.

On the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the story of the Bremen Town Musicians, dancer, Sonali Mishra, M.F.A. who is currently touring through Europe, will bring the traditional dance from the Bay of Bengal in East India to the Weser-Waterkant in Bremen. Mrs. Mishra heard about the story of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten as a child while she was growing up in India. She has an MA from the Carnegie Mellon University in New York and is one of many dancers who are working to conserve the almost forgotten dance form from Odissa. 

The expressive of dances of Rajasthan and Odissa are world renowned for their expression of beauty and grace. According to eastern thought, the human being is seen as embedded in cosmic life and shares the habitat earth with flowers, animals, and natural elements.

The Bremen Stadtmusicians are known everywhere in the world and have made the town of Bremen famous. Historians, like Dr. Dieter Brand-Kruth, who recently completed his dissertation on the topic of the story of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten at the University of Bremen, suggest that the sailors of the Hanse heard of these stories of intelligent animals and perhaps adapted the ancient Vedic (4000 B.C.) mythology of the elephant, hare, dog and peacock to the European counterparts, the donkey, dog, cat, and rooster.  

Sonali Mishra will make the enchantment of the traditional dance of her home, the great Bay of Bengal, in eastern India come alive with her dance in honor of the Bremen Stadtmusikanten right here with us on the Waterkant of Bremen, Weser.

The prizewinning Ozeanograph, Professor Dr.  Victor Smetacek will say a few words about the aspect of the element water that connects all countries and people of one planet earth. The Honorable Consul General Madan L. Raigar of the Indian Consulate in Hamburg will be giving opening remarks and speak about the long tradition of trade, diplomacy and cultural exchange between India and Bremen.

Sponsorship: by generous courtesy of Mr. S. Chopra, DIG, and others.
Cultural Event Management:  " Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten in the Light of Culture, Science and World Peace" by Cynthia Nieland in cooperation with the Dept of Economic Development Bremen and the House of History Bremen e.V.

Date: Wednesday, 29. Mai, 2019
Time: 19 Uhr
Place: Geschichtenhaus, Vegesack
RSVP: Tel. 0421-632214
Entrance: Free by courtesy of generous sponsors